Floor Sanding Harpenden is a flooring company with experience, knowledge and good and loyal relationship with clients, all accumulated for the decades we are on the market. And even more than that, our company is the achiever of your dreams, your inspiration, your motivation and your provocation to settle only on the highest quality possible when it comes to wooden flooring and its treatment. We do that for years and this is our main mission, our aim and our focus. We dedicate our talents and skills, expertise and hard work, ideas and respect and everything we own, in order to help you to seek the best, achieve the best, because you deserve the best! And we are ready and happy to offer it to you by promising an exclusive wood floor renovation experience and making it in pleasure and satisfaction for you.

What can be that pleasant in a simple floor sanding service, you ask? We are ready to answer you right away! Sanding has gained the name and popularity of a very essential treatment for wood floors, however very messy, expensive, most of the time not that flawless. We take the value and importance of the service and add to it our professional, tidy and well-organised manner, our dedication, skills and modern tools, also our surprisingly wonderful prices and last, but not least – we offer you to have a look at our amazing portfolio and see how good we are to yourself! In addition, our portfolio is just a small fragment of our statement and well-recognisable domestic and commercial projects in Harpenden throughout the years.

And just because we believe there is no point in self-promoting and meaningless advertising, we prefer our projects to speak for themselves, our previous clients have also what to share, so check out our portfolio and testimonials section. Otherwise, just contact us and see if you can count on us. Do we seem to be professional enough, competent and reliable enough? Give us a try and say hi! And since we don’t count only on your first impression and what it says about us, we are ready to showcase our work, without forcing you to hire us! Simply contact us and ask for an expert consultation and free site visit. Request from our experts to provide you with samples, to recommend and suggest, to share their ideas and don’t forget to share yours! And you will see how reliable, respectful and creative we are!

Finally, because we like to believe professionalism and creativeness are best friends, we guarantee not only a highly qualified and well-trained team, but also a very talented and inspired. The same goes for our services, we always add the individual approach to twist to them and make them adapt perfectly to your personal needs and desires.

The main services we practice are: