If you are a businessman and even if you are not, we best know the core values of every commercial branch – professionalism, competence and promising the best quality to your clients. And this is what you demand from your partners and everyone you are working with. Because professionalism is a two-direction street and must be not only offered but also received to ensure the best results at the end. We highly believe in these visions and values and are ready to help everyone, expecting professionalism and hard work from a floor sanding company in Harpenden.

Sanding is the most important stage of the overall floor restoration and maintenance service, transforming wooden installations in poor and mediocre condition into eye-catching, vibrant and attractive. Sanding is adaptive and suitable for solid wood, engineered wood and parquetry compositions and also for newly installed and older floors. The significant visual and condition improvement is achieved by removing, gently for the floor, any scratches, dents, finer gaps and imperfections in general, also worn finish and dirt and dust build-ups in order to create even, smooth and sleek surface, prepared for the upcoming sealing and staining if you consider some.

Sanding is great before sealing because that way the pores of the wood are open the finishing product applies better and add extra durability. Sanding is also great before staining because colour pigments tend to highlight imperfections and sanding smooth out the surface. Sanding is ideal overall, because it pampers the floor, bringing back its initial beauty and adding a lot of extra years to its life-cycle, especially provided by true professionals as we are, because we always start with prior preparation, including repairs and restoration, fixing loose planks, nails, squeaky sound, filling gaps and more in order to create a super sturdy base.

Commercial floor restoration service, provided by our expert team in Harpenden is equal to providing flawless results when working with busy schedule clients. We recognise the demands and expectations of our business clients and achieve the best while working with limited time and also budget on large-scale projects with more challenging nature. We are known among our busy schedule clients for working with flexible hours in order to perform our timely service without interrupting their business or demanding spend too much time, money and energy on the project. Part of our rich Harpenden portfolio is important commercial clients in the business and society areas, including hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, retail and showroom, clubs and bars and many more.

If you get confused by some technical flooring concepts or just want to know more on certain wood floor restoration topics, be sure to contact us on 020 70360622 or info@flooringservices.london. Our customer service members are extremely friendly and always try to help by providing additional information and answering all your questions.