Wood floor sanding service started to gain more and more popularity among Harpenden residential and commercial clients for the last decades. It is maybe because of the current recycling and renovation tendencies era, or maybe because people already realized that every wooden floor, no matter how damaged and in poor condition, don’t deserve to be hidden under a carpet, but deserve care and love. Or probably because we all found out wood is the perfect flooring material and nothing can compare to it, to its beauty and appearance, to its durability and longevity, to its low-maintenance requirements and hygiene and more, and more.

Wood sanding, in fact, has the potential to completely transform unattractive flooring in poor condition, however, it is not a DIY project, neither job for amateurs and you rather count on the professionals, if you consider some for your home or office. At Floor Sanding Harpenden, we provide reliable sanding service in Harpenden, performed with professionalism and dedication, striving to achieve the best results, in a timely and tidy manner and also at an affordable price. Even if it comes to large scale commercial projects with limited time and budget – we are well-organised and flexible and recognise everyone’s needs, demands and desires. Be sure we are able to complete your dream project and create wood flooring not only beautiful but also very durable, solid and long-lasting. The main services we offer are:

Solid wood sanding

Perfect for newly installed or older floors. In the first scenario, sanding will open the pores of the wood for sealing the unfinished surface or smooth out imperfections before staining. In the second scenario, sanding will remove any gaps and dents, evening out the surface and make the whole construction more sturdy.

Engineered wood floor sanding

We provide, such as our other sanding services, with additional prior inspection of the floor and repairs, if needed. Fixing squeaky, loose and thinning planks, filling gaps and deep scratches and more will create a sturdy base for the upcoming sanding and for you to enjoy your floor longer.

Parquet sanding

Considered the most challenging sanding session for a reason. Parquet is the mosaic installation of wooden blocks in various dimensions and patterns and because of that reason, you can sand it straight away you will do with hardwood. The service requires extra attention and precise eye.

Commercial floor sanding

Besides we work hard, quick and at a low price, our commercial floor sanding service is perfect for busy schedule clients, because we work with the latest trend equipment, which is almost completely dust-free and will save you additional energy and time.